Enterprise vision
Permanent operation and win-win is our enterprise idea. Customer is always our first priority. We try our best to achieve healthy growth and sustainable development to enhance enterprise value, create society wealth and push forward the battery industry health development with professional proposition, long-term view, perfect management, honest operation.
We win the respect of employee, customer satisfaction and enterprise honor by paying attention to customer, employee care. This helps us to grow with customer and employee. Also we are focus on community involvement and regard us as the membership of the community.
Spirit of enterprise: Yusan is everywhere

Enterprise core values: pragmatic, honest, compliance with law & regulation, pursue perfect innovation, quality first, innovation
■ pragmatic: People oriented, customer first, honest, down-to-earth
■ Honesty: morality is the base treat with honesty, win-win, Great virtue can carry all things
■ compliance with law & regulation: Manage based on law& regulation, operation with honesty, contribution to society.
■ pursue perfect: lofty ambition, clear objective, pursue perfect, endless
■ quality first: quality is the base of enterprise survival and development,
■ Innovation: We are willing to be the first one


Operation idea
Enterprise purpose: continuously develop and operation battery industry
Service idea: customer satisfactory is the first priority.
Work attitude: self-control, responsible for the work, never give up and team works
Work idea: result oriented and focus process
Code of conduct: honesty is the most important, thinking before action, objective focusing, win the opportunity
Enterprise objective: follow international trend, lead battery industry healthy new idea, pursue perfect

Management concept
People oriented, pay attention to team work
Professional skills, and strengthen the implementation capability.
Improve efficiency, balance efficiency and quality
clear incentive policy, Balanced Incentive and constraint.

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