View of talent

Yusan’s idea of talented people: The right people for right job
New blood and new culture is very important for enterprise development. We have good policy, for example, experienced people train new employee, value idea and daily operation guideline, job alternation, We can offer training to broaden employee career competition based on employee behavior, characteristics,

1.Preferred employee:
Education and work Background first, give him/her the job which he/she is willing to do and can do.

2.Job arrangement: we insist on seven principles: open, fair, impartial, appointed the right people for the job which he/she is willing to do in right time.

3.Employ groom: to be more experienced in work, make talent more competitive through training, working in production line and tough job arrangement. Training is the best welfare for employee and the energy of enterprise.

4.Attract employee: attract employee with career, motion, salary and welfare, culture. Competitive salary, employee respect and good welfare is the most important solution to keep the talented people team.

5.Career: set the lifelong objective for the management team including production line leader or shift leaders based on enterprise objective. We have the platform of self-design and self-show. Make a career plan to develop employee potential capability based on characteristics, capability, interests, values and so on .

6.Respect talented people: people oriented, plant the environment of respect knowledge, respect talented people. Offer attractive remuneration for talented people, great award for great contribution.

7.Employment: at least two years working experience in battery industry, healthy, good at communication and work performance, suitable for modern society competition, pursue development with enterprise.


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